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Mr. AnonymousLess than 1 minute

First of all, specify the name of the bot, the name of which you need to check the user. Or leave the option blank to get the default bot.



 * Set up a basic configuration first
 * Add other bots if needed

/** I use the default bot */
$bot = $tgWebValid->bot();

/** Or, specify which bot I want to work with */
$bot = $tgWebValid->bot(
  name: 'secondary'



  • Type: string
  • Required: No

By specifying the name, you will get access to the multibot added in the previous step.


If you specify a bot name but don't add it, we'll be forced to throw a BotException in order to maintain integrity


Next, you need to decide on the type of authentication that needs to be done.

The list of available validators can be found on this page